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Apollo new renderings

Here it goes a few new renderings.

Apollo Class – A new beginning

After sometime, updates. :)
– The plateau was redone;
– The plateau, the upper structures and sec hull were repositionated;
– the neck won´t have torp launchers anymore;
– the ship is a little longer now, but I believe it makes her better ballanced;
Is it better?

Apollo update…

Not that much, but here it goes anyway. :)
Added the thrusters, and started to play with colors.

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Building the Apollo Class

Time for a small update. This time, it´s about a mesh that I´m building in 3ds max. The mesh is the Apollo Class… Take a look and tell me what do you think about her. :)

STAR TREK – Enterprise F

First of all, Happy New Year everyone! :)
Cryptic, who owns the game Star Trek Online, put online a contest: Enterprise-F. Saddly, the prize and the competition are allowed just to U.S. residents, reason why I can´t participate. But… since so many peoples are producing their visions about that ship, I believe I would give it a try too. So, here it goes my Enterprise-F.

See posts about this topic in other forums: Cryptic Oficial Contest, Scifi-Meshes, TrekBBS

Therefore, there´s a trouble with the contest that is to much annoying for the artists around the world and for the Trek Fans. Cryptic will have to adress this sometime…

Atolm does it again!!!!

Yes, cause this I´m your fan Chris!!! This time the news are about Galactica´s Universe. As a teaser, see the new battlestar:
Read more here: Colonial Fleets Forums. See you there!!!

News from Atolm!

Atolm is one of the most creative guys all around, and is my pleasure to post his drawings here. I´m thinking about to open an exclusive page for him… Here it goes a teaser of his new drawings. Enjoy!

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