Apollo Class – MKII

Well… again, a loooong time has passed since the last update in this thread…

Familly and job takes precedence and don´t let me to much free time. Anyway, I´m playing with sketchup again, trying one more time to build a new incarnation of the old Apollo Class, a ship designed by Eric Peterson loooong time ago (1998), when the Wolfpack team still walked on Earth. 🙂 Since my mesh isn´t totally true to the original version, I will call it an MKII. In the current stage, the sensor/weapons pod and naceles are still placeholders which I got from and old low polly from Bridge Commander game, but the main shape is there. Still a lot to do:

USS Theodore update


Painting of the hull was changed a bit. I also added the escape pods and numbered the ship. To understand how to copy move and align a object to a surface in Sketchup was a difficult mission, and it took me a lot of time to do it the right way. But I´m pretty sattisfed in the end, cause I drew just one escape pod and the rest of them were a “copy, move, align” job made in a fast way. 🙂


New naceles


The naceles attached to the USS Theodore were just placeholders, cause they weren´t built by me. This changed now, cause I built my own naceles. Intentionally they are a bit different from the naceles of the traditional Ambassador class, just minor things that probably you won´t notice at the first look. In time: they aren´t finished yet.