I´m coming back!!

Hello old friends! Yeah, I´m still alive. :)
Due to lack of time and other projects, it´s a long time since my last post, which was done in june of 2011… Four years and a half has passed, and no, I haven´t finished my meshes… yet. My kids and my familly takes precedence, as my hobby cultivating fruit trees in pots, focus of my other blog: Frutas em Vasos.
My plan is to give a new life to this blog in 2016. Updates won´t come every week, but they will come.
Until there, my votes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for you all and your families!!! I hope that next year will be plenty of health, happiness and to much fun for us all.
See you later my friends!

STAR TREK – Enterprise F

First of all, Happy New Year everyone! :)
Cryptic, who owns the game Star Trek Online, put online a contest: Enterprise-F. Saddly, the prize and the competition are allowed just to U.S. residents, reason why I can´t participate. But… since so many peoples are producing their visions about that ship, I believe I would give it a try too. So, here it goes my Enterprise-F.

See posts about this topic in other forums: Cryptic Oficial Contest, Scifi-Meshes, TrekBBS

Therefore, there´s a trouble with the contest that is to much annoying for the artists around the world and for the Trek Fans. Cryptic will have to adress this sometime…

News from Atolm!

Atolm is one of the most creative guys all around, and is my pleasure to post his drawings here. I´m thinking about to open an exclusive page for him… Here it goes a teaser of his new drawings. Enjoy!

If you want more, check these forums and posts:

The battleship Enterprise

First, let me tell you about the layout. The previous version for this blog wasn´t functional (cropped images, repeated information, etc). Time for a new change!!! So, I present you this new version, with better images and a menu on top of the page. Hope that you like. ;)
Now, let´s talk about ships. A few months ago, I posted a rendering of the batlleship Enterprise, a mesh that is beeing built by Krisztián “Enterprise-E” Szijj. I believed that it was left behind, but I´m happy to tell you that I was wrong. So, here it goes the updated rendering. Enjoy!

Star Trek – USS Aventine

Again, a long time without any updates… Excuse me! It´s time to talk about the USS Aventine, a ship designed by Mark Rademaker, a tallented guy with impressive skills.
Here, Mark talks about the creative process behind the USS Aventine, and here you can see a low polly version coming to life.
Be sure to check the updates on DJ Curtis thread too, about the Cardassian ship. ;)


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