Finally, a new WIP!!


Ok, I know I´m a bit late, but finally here it goes the news. 🙂 I have been playing with sketchup for sometime, and I´m confortable with the software now. So, I built something that I would like to share with you. Note that it is still a wip and, due to my limited free time, this wip can take a long time before to be finished. But I will keep the ball rolling.


To my new and my old friends, here is. As antecipated, the first update after a long iatus!

This post is just to tell you a bit about my absence in the last years, and what I´m doing (and planning) to the upcoming months. The first change is the tag, changed from “Brstarship’s Blog ~ A Weblog about starships, my hobby” to “Brstarship’s Blog ~ A Weblog about starships, one of my hobbys”. I think it makes more sense, and you´ll understand why in the following lines.

In the past years I had to organize my house and give attention to my kids (now in 7 and 12 years old). Unhapyness, in the meantime I lost my mom and a beloved uncle. I was also sidetracked by an old hobby of mine (dormant for years): cultivation of fruit plants in containers. Today I have more than 100 fruit trees (some of them already producing) in pots, and my house isn´t that big, so… I have to ask license to plants when entering in my house. 😀 But it is a good hobby that allows me to relax from the diary work. You can read about my plants here: It´s in portuguese (my native language), but Google will help you to translate if you´re interested. 😉

Hollywood isn´t producing great movies these times. Along the years I watched Gost in the Shell – movies and series (very good), Yamato 2199 (excellent), JJ-Star Trek (bad), JJ-Star Wars (not bad, but not so good), Knights of Sidonia (good) and much other movies and shows.

It´s enough about my personal life…

Talking about cgi, I have experienced other softwares too: Sketchup, Sculptris, Groboto, Terragen… Nothing that deserves to be shown, but it openned my eyes for a world different of the old Studio Max. Of course, it contributed to sidetrack me even more. 🙂

I plan to build meshes with Studio Max and sketchup, being Sculptris, Terragen and Groboto, auxiliary tools. Currently I´m working (again) in a klingon ship and in a Excelsior´s concept using Sketchup. You can see the old renderings in my DA account: Later, I´ll export these meshes to 3DSMax and try to finish them.

I also have my hands full of conversions still not finished (as the Discovery class, mesh built by Dmitri in Maya), which I plan to finish and release to the public along the year.

So, after the course had been marked, let´s go!

Updates will come still this month. See you later!

I´m coming back!!

Hello old friends! Yeah, I´m still alive. 🙂
Due to lack of time and other projects, it´s a long time since my last post, which was done in june of 2011… Four years and a half has passed, and no, I haven´t finished my meshes… yet.
My plan is to give a new life to this blog in 2016. Updates won´t come every week, but they will come.
Until there, my votes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for you all and your families!!! I hope that next year will be plenty of health, happiness and to much fun for us all.
See you later my friends!