Finally, a new WIP!!


Ok, I know I´m a bit late, but finally here it goes the news. 🙂 I have been playing with sketchup for sometime, and I´m confortable with the software now. So, I built something that I would like to share with you. Note that it is still a wip and, due to my limited free time, this wip can take a long time before to be finished. But I will keep the ball rolling.


To my new and my old friends, here is. As antecipated, the first update after a long iatus!

This post is just to tell you a bit about my absence in the last years, and what I´m doing (and planning) to the upcoming months. The first change is the tag, changed from “Brstarship’s Blog ~ A Weblog about starships, my hobby” to “Brstarship’s Blog ~ A Weblog about starships, one of my hobbys”. I think it makes more sense, and you´ll understand why in the following lines.

In the past years I had to organize my house and give attention to my kids (now in 7 and 12 years old). Unhapyness, in the meantime I lost my mom and a beloved uncle. I was also sidetracked by an old hobby of mine (dormant for years): cultivation of fruit plants in containers. Today I have more than 100 fruit trees (some of them already producing) in pots, and my house isn´t that big, so… I have to ask license to plants when entering in my house. 😀 But it is a good hobby that allows me to relax from the diary work. You can read about my plants here: It´s in portuguese (my native language), but Google will help you to translate if you´re interested. 😉

Hollywood isn´t producing great movies these times. Along the years I watched Gost in the Shell – movies and series (very good), Yamato 2199 (excellent), JJ-Star Trek (bad), JJ-Star Wars (not bad, but not so good), Knights of Sidonia (good) and much other movies and shows.

It´s enough about my personal life…

Talking about cgi, I have experienced other softwares too: Sketchup, Sculptris, Groboto, Terragen… Nothing that deserves to be shown, but it openned my eyes for a world different of the old Studio Max. Of course, it contributed to sidetrack me even more. 🙂

I plan to build meshes with Studio Max and sketchup, being Sculptris, Terragen and Groboto, auxiliary tools. Currently I´m working (again) in a klingon ship and in a Excelsior´s concept using Sketchup. You can see the old renderings in my DA account: Later, I´ll export these meshes to 3DSMax and try to finish them.

I also have my hands full of conversions still not finished (as the Discovery class, mesh built by Dmitri in Maya), which I plan to finish and release to the public along the year.

So, after the course had been marked, let´s go!

Updates will come still this month. See you later!

I´m coming back!!

Hello old friends! Yeah, I´m still alive. 🙂
Due to lack of time and other projects, it´s a long time since my last post, which was done in june of 2011… Four years and a half has passed, and no, I haven´t finished my meshes… yet.
My plan is to give a new life to this blog in 2016. Updates won´t come every week, but they will come.
Until there, my votes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for you all and your families!!! I hope that next year will be plenty of health, happiness and to much fun for us all.
See you later my friends!

STAR TREK – Enterprise F

First of all, Happy New Year everyone! 🙂
Cryptic, who owns the game Star Trek Online, put online a contest: Enterprise-F. Saddly, the prize and the competition are allowed just to U.S. residents, reason why I can´t participate. But… since so many peoples are producing their visions about that ship, I believe I would give it a try too. So, here it goes my Enterprise-F.

See posts about this topic in other forums: Cryptic Oficial Contest, Scifi-Meshes, TrekBBS

Therefore, there´s a trouble with the contest that is to much annoying for the artists around the world and for the Trek Fans. Cryptic will have to adress this sometime…

News from Atolm!

Atolm is one of the most creative guys all around, and is my pleasure to post his drawings here. I´m thinking about to open an exclusive page for him… Here it goes a teaser of his new drawings. Enjoy!

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