I´m back to her one more time.

Since the old days of the Wolfpack group (1998), I always admired the Apollo Class buit by Eric Peterson in the old 3ds Max 2. Along the years I tryed to built her several times. In all of them until now, I got frustated. After many years of abscence and, after to see the brilliant work of Marc Bell, Chris Kuhn, Alexander Klemm, Gidian Plebuch, Gerard Duffy and others, I tought it was the time to try again, and for the first time I believe that I can do some justice to Eric Peterson. Of course that I can´t compare my wip with the masters pointed above, but it isn´t that bad this time, right? So, here it goes the pics. Naceles, sensor pod, weapons and bridge are just placeholders for now, but I´m confident that I can build them with no problems. 🙂