Apollo Class

More than ten years ago, when the dinossaurs walking on Earth, there was a group named Wolfpack. They were the first ones to make scifi meshes available, and who inspired me in my 3d adventures. 😀 In 1998 Eric Peterson built, between other meshes, the Apollo Class. It isn´t a public release, but I always loved that ship. So, I trying to build my own version. Take a look and tell me what do you think about her. 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Apollo Class”

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  2. It’s looking real good. Always have been a fan of this ship.

  3. Jack said:

    Looks really good! I’ve always been a fan of the Ambassador class and a starship that uses aspects of it is really amazing. Keep up the good work!

    • brstarship said:

      Thank you Jack! I´m trying to do my best to make her justice. Stay tunned for updates. 😉

  4. Trekcross said:

    Always liked Eric’s Version, I know a few years ago (meaning a lot, back when Scifi-Art was still running) someone did a version that truly did not do as much justice Eric’s. I think yours will be much more in line and can not wait to see it finished.

    • brstarship said:

      Thank you!
      In fact, I´m in middle of a complete redo. 😀 I found and old and lowpolly mesh online, which fits exactly with the original built by E. Peterson. So… I´m using it as a placeholder when rebuilding the mesh. I´ll post the renderings here this weekend. Thank you for the interest. 🙂

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