Do I thought that this time I would try a different thing. What can I do with a blog? Since I don´t have to much time to update my old site, let´s see if I can do it with a blog. I want this blog to be more about 3D learning and experiences, so expect to see some renderings and sketches. If you find some inspiration here, then it was all worth it. Welcome on board, new and old friends !!!
My nickname “starship” is well known in forums like Scifi-meshes, Foundation3d, Bridge Commander, Trekmeshes and many others. You can contact me by this e-mail: wendhausen@yahoo.com

6 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi., My name is Janos Miklos, I’m a Hungarian and my hobby is Sci-fi Concept Design & 3d Modeller. This is my page with some of my works: http://miklos.foliohd.com/ Also I also started modding my favorite space strategy game, Star Trek Armada 2 and Fleet Operations creating some nice conversions like Star Wars, Battlestar. My original mod is a Perry Rhodan Mod for Fleet Operations. You’re welcome to contact me on Facebook too 🙂 Thank you, have a nice day, Janos PS. You have very nice models and works here. Good job.

  2. Mick Sinnott said:

    Hi, I’m looking to find contact information for ALTOM, can you help?

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