Yes, it´s about the old lady that we love. In fact, my true passion is the version that appeared in “STAR TREK – The Motion Picture”, but there are good reinterpretations for the most famous starship from all the times. Here, I´ll show you a few of them, included a battleship version… Let´s start with the oficial “new” version, which appeared in J.J Abrams movie.
Doug Schramm present us something in the line with the NX-01, which is interesting…
Jason “Vektor” Lee, presented us his own vision, which isn´t that different from that 60´s version. Jason updated the design a bit, but the ship still remains closelly appeared to the original.
Chris Martin did something a bit different with the secondary hull.
Gabe Koerner made the winner, at least around the net, and has details that closelly resembles the movie version.
Dan “Madkoifish”, made what I believe is a beatifull version, rich in details.
For the last, the battleship concept, designed by Krisztián “Enterprise-E” Szijj
What do you think about these versions? Do you know other version? If so, let us now too. 😉