As a scifi fan, I´m always saving renderings, screencaps, sketches and blueprints for future reference and inspiration. I don´t have the skills, or time, to build physical models of starships that I saw in all those scifi movies, so, I´m always trying a cgi version. 😀 Following the wip´s, sometimes I see a few that never ending (like mine 😀 :D), no matter how interesting they are. Sometimes due to personal troubles, time limitation, or simply lost of interest and motivation, the thread owner never finishes the mesh. This is the case of the Osiris Class, a wip started some years ago by a member named CMD_SOLAR, which never came back online again. The wip was posted at Sci-fi Meshes and I believe that the renderings saved by me, and posted here, are all that remains about that interesting starship… I believe that it must be shared with you all, cause it´s an interesting concept. 😉 This post is the first about unfinished cgi starships. Stay tunned!